Kİralık  İkİlİ Telsiz Yaka Mİkrofonu /

dual telsiz mikrofon
  • 793.750 - 805.875 MHz
  • Discrete 2-Channel Operation
  • 188 UHF Selectable Frequencies
  • 330UPR Camera-Mount Dual Receiver
  • 2x 35BT Bodypack Microphone Transmitters
  • 2x EX-503 Lavalier Microphones
  • Main and Headphone Receiver Outputs
  • Pivoting Diversity High-Gain Antennas

The 200ULX is a complete dual-channel wireless system that consists of the 200UPR receiver and one each 51XT plug-in transmitter and 10BT bodypack transmitter.


The new 200UPR receiver allows the use of two wireless transmitters at the same time. It features twin-antennas, a 3.5mm -64dbB 2-channel mic level output jack, two recessed On/Off switches, two Power On/ Signal Received LED and 2 sets of channel selectors to set the desired frequency for each receiver. Using crystal-control and PLL synthesis the 200UPR operates for better than 8 hours on 6 "AA" batteries. The receiver comes with a "hot-shoe" mount, a 2-channel 3.5mm to 3.5mm output cable and a 2-channel 3.5mm to twin XLR cable.


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